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  The Best Bread Baking Temperature
by Beth Scott

    Are you baking for the first time?  Do you need to know what is the best bread baking temperature for you?

    Well, the right bread baking temperature for you all depends on what kind of bread you're baking.

    If you're baking a batter bread (like a banana bread recipe) your logical bread baking temperature would be 350 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire period of baking. 

    This is because batter breads are a lot like muffins or any other basic pastry.  And the basic baking temperature for most pastries is 350 degrees.

    However if you're baking a rising bread (like whole wheat bread), your bread baking temperature can differ a lot from the bread baking temperature you use for batter breads.

Bread Baking Temperature For Whole Wheat Bread

     A general bread baking temperature for rising breads (unless your recipe states otherwise) and an exact bread baking temperature for whole wheat bread, is this:

First start by heating your oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  When it is hot, put your bread loaves in, and bake them for 10 minutes on this bread baking temperature.

    When the 10 minutes are up turn the oven heat down to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and bake the bread on this temperature for 30 more minutes.  Then you remove your bread from the oven.

    The reasons we use 2 bread baking temperatures are;
  • To ensure your bread has a nice light brown crust, and

  • To make sure the bread is baked all the way, and isn't doughy in the center
    Use these bread baking temperature guidelines to turn out excellent loaves every time.

    Be sure to check out my eBook on exactly how to bake your own delicious and healthy bread (which no baker, beginner or pro, should be without) "The Ultimate Whole Wheat Bread Baking Guide!"

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